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Mapije de Wit
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Bericht ontvangen!


Mapye comes with all her supplies, two chairs and a light. People get their caricature neatly rolled with a rubberband on A4 paper. It is possible to do up to 4 portraits on one paper.

It is also possible to draw tiny portraits on A7 paper or on coasters.

What is needed?

Mapye will need a powerpoint for her light if the party has not enough daylight and some space for her two chairs so that the models can pose easily.

How many portraits can you draw in an hour?

Depending on how many wrinkles and hair she has to draw per portrait; 

7 to 10 in an hour in Greytone and 5 to 8 in color.

What are the prices?

175 AUD per hour. Mapye comes for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 8 hours. This is excluding any travel costs. Email her for a free quote request. 



Get in contact with Mapye for a booking. She's around the Byron area in Australia for the next year.

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